The Big Red itself, a city with a unique architecture for the residential buildings wind up higher into the sky
than normal. Almost all buildings of the city are built out of red sandstone which is responsible for it's nickname.

Pruvcejk has a vivid history:

  • -20y: abolishment of the Laws of warding
  • -100y: Rabies plague
  • -200y: The culling of high borns

Pruvcejk is accessed via a great harbor gate, a great construction out of shining copper and steel,
and great walls protect it via sea side.


The head of town, the burgomeister of Pruvcejk, right now Robi Eduárd, is elected every four years by deputys of the guilds, administration complexes and the persons who bought the right to vote.

The Pruvcejkian administration complex it complex and confusing for new visitors. There are following departments of the city administration

Professions seem to be organized by guilds, the following guilds have an influence on professions in the city:

  • Bard's Guild

The population is a mixed mess of humans, gnolls, elves, ogres, kobolds and many other races.



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